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We stand behind every one of our products and stive to provide complete support to all of our users. We've found that most support questions are one of the following below; if we can answer your question here, great! If not, please contact us and we will help you directly (and probably post it up here, for future use).


Who are you guys?

We are an Illinois based manufacturer of pet training products. Our corporate offices are located right outside of Chicago. We founded the company in 2009, with one vision in mind: creating the most affordable pet training products and selling direct to the consumer. People tell us we are obsessed with customer service -- and we think they are right.

What is the best way to contact you?

We have found that the quickest way to provide customer service is through the chat functionality of our webpage. If you have a question, just open up a chat session, call us at 1-866-934-8429, or email us. We love to help!

Will your product fit my dog?

We designed the LR-800M and TR-600M to fit all sizes of dogs, from small to large alike. The units comes with an adjustable length collar that you can adjust to fit your dog exactly. The collar has a maximum length of 23" (inches) and minimum length of 9" (inches).

What exactly do you make?

Are units are wireless, remotely operated dog-training devices; at this time, we do not make a wireless fence product (though it is in the works).

Is the unit waterproof?

Both the LR-800M and TR-600M have waterproof receiver collars. The remotes are not waterproof and cannot be submerged in the water. The remotes are water resistant and can be used in normal inclement weather.

Why do I need one?

Most pet experts and professionally certified veterinarians suggest utilizing a dog-training device to curb your dog of unhealthy, unfriendly and unseemly behavior. Sometimes your dog may just need a little help to get some of their behaviors under control.

Why is it a good investment?

Simple. Other similar units can cost as much as $350. Our most expensive unit retails for only $89.99! If you take a look over our product line you'll see that our pricing can't be beat!

Sounds too good to be true. Do you stand behind it?

All units come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. If you have any problems with your trainer, contact us immediately to setup a no-questions asked warranty claim.

We also offer a 30 day return policy if you are not happy with your unit for any reason.

Pet Care

Are your dog shock collars safe for humans and dogs?

Yes. The lithium ion battery charged unit cannot harm pets or humans.

How do I know if my collar is placed correctly on my dog?

A good rule of thumb, like a traditional dog collar, is the “two finger test”. If you can slip two fingers underneath it – between collar and skin – then that’s the appropriate tightness. Too tight, loosen it. Too loose, tighten it.

If it’s too tight on your dog’s neck it may cause skin damage or “bed sores”. If not addressed, sores can worsen, turning into a condition known as pressure necrosis, or advanced bedsores. If this arises, please halt the training and consult your veterinarian.

Can my dog wear his tags on the training collar?

Yes. But, we recommend that you place the dog tags on the top of the collar at the back of the dog’s neck. This is not a safety concern for your dog, but for the unit itself. If metal dog tags contact the activated receiver collar, it may put a drain on the battery and/or cause a short that could cause the unit to stop working.


How often do I need to charge my unit?

How often you need to charge your unit varies on the usage of your unit, but as a rule of thumb you should only have to recharge your unit once every two days.

Do I have to charge the transmitter and receiver simultaneously?

Sort of. The transmitter and the receiver can be charged separately or at the same time on the LR-800M. The TR-600M takes three triple A (AAA) batteries in the remote transmitter but the receiver collar can be charged at any time. Also, the unit comes with a convenient, portable AC adapter. You do not need any other components to recharge your remote trainer.

How can I tell if my transmitter needs to be recharged/batteries replaced?

Easy. An LED battery life indicator on the remote transmitters show you the power left.

How can I tell if the receiver collar needs to be recharged?

On the receiver collar, the unit's indicator light will begin to blink rapidly if it needs to be recharged.

Can I change the operating mode on my transmitter?

Yes. For various training procedures, our units feature two modes of correction (vibration and electrical stimulation) with seven progressive levels of remotely adjustable correction.

Will the signal from my electronic interfere with another electronic trainer or be jammed up by cell-phones/WiFi and the like?

No. Our units are FCC compliant and our low frequency radio design is extremely resiliant to electrical interference. This technology allows for minimal interference with maximum transmitter range.

What do I do if the remote-control transmitter stops communicating with the receiver?

Usually an easy fix. Simply re-pair your collar receiver. To do so:

1. Turn off the Receiver Collar by holding the Power Switch for 3 second; the green light will go solid and then sold red. When the light is solid red, release the Power Switch to turn off the Receiver Collar (confirm all Receiver Collar Indicator Lights are off).
2. Ensure the Remote Transmitter is turned on.
3. While the Receiver Collar is in the "Off" state, hold the Power Switch for 15 seconds. At 3 seconds, the green light will go solid. Continue to hold the Power Switch until the green light beings to blink once every second. When the light blinks once every second, release the Power Switch. The Receiver Collar is now in Pairing Mode. The greeen light will continue to blink every 1 second, indicating it is still in Pairing Mode. The Receiver Collar will remain in Pairing Mode for 30 seconds.
4. With the Receiver Collar in Pairing Mode, press the On/Off/Up button and the Minus button at the same time on the Remote Transmitter. The Remote Transmitter will blink "Code" at the Code Pairing Display, indicating it sending its pairing code to the Receiver Collar.
5. If the Receiver Collar and Remote Transmitter pair successfully, the Receiver Collar green light will blink four times rapdily, and then (if sufficiently charged) blink green once every two seconds in the default "On" state.
6. If the Receiver Collar and Remote Transmitter do not pair successfully, repeat steps 1 through 4. If this is not successful, please consult the included Users Manual or give us a call.

I lost my manual...

No problem, here is a PDF copy your product/s manual:

Privacy & Data Safety

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. We take every neccesary step to protect your information and keep your private life -- well, private. Please review our privacy policy for more information on how we keep our customers information safe.